The will and codicil of King Lunalilo charges the justices of the Supreme Court of Hawaiʻi to nominate and appoint three trustees to serve the William Charles Lunalilo Trust Estate.

The first trustees were appointed on March 16, 1877 and were Sanford B. Dole, E. O. Hall, and John Mott-Smith. Twenty-three persons have subsequently served as trustees.

Current Trustees

Presently, Lunalilo Trust is led by two trustees — until such time as a third person is appointed by the State of Hawaii's Probate Court as successor to Stanley Hong. The trustees are joined by the executive and administrative team and the dedicated staff in serving kūpuna.

Harvey H. McInerny, Jr.


Harvey H. McInerny Jr. is president and CEO of McInerny Financial Group, a Native Hawaiian-owned investment brokerage offering a full spectrum of services including portfolio management, retirement and estate planning and tax strategies to businesses, foundations and individuals. A registered securities broker since 1987, Mr. McInerny previously served as First Vice President at Prudential Securities, where he helped oversee $500 million in Taft-Hartley funds and worked closely with various labor union funds on crafting investment policy statements, guidelines and objectives. Additionally, he helped their officers determine asset allocation models, conducted manager searches, and reported results to employers and funds trustees.

Mr. McInerny was appointed as a trustee of the King William Charles Lunalilo Trust Estate in 2008. He is active in the community and is a former board member of Big Brothers Big Sisters Hawaiʻi and was previously the chairman of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs Native Hawaiian Revolving Loan Fund.

Mr. McInerny attended the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and is currently the head coach for the boys track and field program at Kamehameha Schools — Kapālama, his alma mater. Mr. McInerny and his wife, Deborah, reside in Kahaluʻu on Oʻahu and are the proud parents of two daughters.

Kamani B. Kualā‘au


Kamani B. Kualāʻau is a senior vice president at Atalanta Sosnoff Capital, LLC, a New York asset management firm. His career includes serving as a vice president at Bank of Hawaii overseeing the bond department and managing institutional client relationships for investment, trust and custody services. He also previously worked at Public Financial Management, a financial advisory and investment management firm for state and local governments across the country.

Mr. Kualāʻau was raised in Lahaina, Maui, and his appreciation for kūpuna stems heavily from the love and care shown to him by his Nana, Clara G. Babyack. He first enrolled at Kamehameha Schools as a seventh grade boarding student. He remembers learning about Lunalilo Home when invited with fellow boarders to sing Christmas carols to kūpuna at the Home. As a high school student, Mr. Kualāʻau was appointed by Sen. Daniel K. Akaka as a U.S. Senate Page in Washington, D.C. After his service in Washington, Mr. Kualāʻau returned to Kamehameha Schools, was elected student body president, and graduated with honors in 1997. He graduated with a degree in sociology from Princeton University in 2001.

Mr. Kualāʻau was appointed as a trustee of the King William Charles Lunalilo Trust Estate in 2008. Beyond his service to Lunalilo Home, he volunteers with Aloha United Way and Nā Pua Noʻeau.

Diane S.L. Paloma, M.B.A., Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Paloma is the Chief Executive Officer for The King Lunalilo Trust and Home. An Aliʻi organization founded by King William Charles Lunalilo, its mission is to perpetuate the legacy of King William Charles Lunalilo to honor, tend to, and protect the well-being of kūpuna (elders). Her role is to oversee the Adult Residential Care Home, Adult Day Care, Meal Delivery and Investments.

Dr. Paloma has been in health and healthcare since 1995 and was able to combine her passion for Native Hawaiian culture with the health and medical fields. She has spent time working for a private physician, Hawaii Medical Services Association (the Hawaii Blue Cross/Blue Shield Association), the John A. Burns School of Medicine and is the former Director of Native Hawaiian Health at The Queen’s Health Systems. She is a graduate of The Kamehameha Schools, received her BS in Physiological Science from UCLA, MBA from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, and completed her PhD in Healthcare Administration from Capella University.

Dr. Paloma has also achieved the rank of ʻōlapa in her hālau going through a formal ʻūniki process. She volunteers her time and expertise to local boards of the Partners in Development Foundation, Friends of ʻIolani Palace, Bishop Museum Association Council, Hui Mauli Ola; and the national board of the Asian Pacific Islander American Health Forum. In 2019, she was awarded the “20 for the next 20” designation by Hawaiʻi Business Magazine as someone who will provide community change for Hawaiʻi.

Dr. Paloma is married to Jason Paloma and is devoted to her three daughters. She grew up and continues to live in Wailupe Valley (ʻAina Haina).

Past Trustees




Sanford B. Dole

Mar. 16, 1877

R Aug. 1, 1887

E. O. Hall

Mar. 16, 1877

D Sept. 19, 1883

John Mott-Smith

Mar. 16, 1877

R Apr. 27, 1883

William O. Smith

May 21, 1883

R Mar. 31, 1886

William O. Smith

Aug. 1, 1887

R Jan. 30, 1926

Mary S. Parker

Dec. 5, 1883

D Mar. 24, 1925

W. C. Parke

Mar. 31, 1886

D 1889

Henry Waterhouse

Sept. 7, 1890

D 1904

Ernest A. Mott-Smith

Apr. 30, 1904

R Sept. 29, 1905

Lorrin A. Thurston

Sept. 29, 1905

R Jan. 1906

Ernest A. Mott-Smith

Jan. 1906

D July 28, 1935

Clio N. Chamberlain

Apr. 15, 1925

R Jan. 7, 1929

Albert Waterhouse

Feb. 1, 1926

R May 31, 1945

George Li Brown

Jan. 21, 1929

R Dec. 14, 1945

Henry A. Nye

Sept. 3, 1935

D Nov. 25, 1953

William E. Bishop Taylor

June 9, 1945

D May 20, 1956

Muriel K. Amalu

Jan. 15, 1946

D Mar. 19, 1951

Napua Stevens Poire

May 16, 1951

D Jan. 7, 1990

Lawrence M. Judd

Mar. 9, 1954

D Oct. 4, 1968

George Ii Brown, Jr.

Aug. 7, 1956

R 1987

John Cline Mann

Mar. 11, 1969

R Mar. 31, 1993

James K. Ahloy

May 1, 1987

R Aug. 2, 1999

R-M. Keahi Allen

June 27, 1990

D Apr. 8, 2008

Eugene N. Tiwanak

Apr. 1, 1993

R Dec. 31, 2005

Stanley W. Hong

June 8, 2001

D Feb. 13, 2015

Harvey H. McInerny, Jr.

May 13, 2008

Kamani B. Kualaʻau

Sept. 26, 2008