As Hawai‘i's elderly population continues to grow, we are mindful of the fact many kūpuna of Hawaiian ancestry would not have access to care if not for Lunalilo Home. Now, more than ever, we welcome your contributions, which will help us meet the growing need and further serve as a community resource for Hawai‘i's seniors and their families.

The operations of Lunalilo Home are funded through a variety of sources: investments of the trust established by King Lunalilo to benefit the less fortunate of Hawaiian ancestry, with preference given to kūpuna; residents’ fees; fundraising events; charitable donations; volunteers; in-kind contributions; and estate and planned giving.

We ask that you give generously to enable us to further serve kūpuna and their families.


The generosity of our donors enables us to provide financial subsidies for our Native Hawaiian residents who would otherwise be unable to afford the fees for our services. As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization, we encourage individuals and c


We invite you to share your aloha and spend time with our kūpuna. Individuals and groups are welcomed to volunteer their talents — whether it is performing Hawaiian music and hula, creating floral arrangements, assisting with office and administrative&